"World Class Texas Trout Tomorrow…
With Best of the Best Fishers"

by L. Scott Murray

Topwater Publishing Company Table of Contents

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A book on Texas Trout
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Acknowledgements (vi)

Introduction (vii)

    I.      Best of the Best Trophy Trout Fishermen (pp 1-130)

             -     Anglers’ Big Trout Stories and Comments

             -     The Quest for the Best

    II.      Life and Times of Spotted Seatrout (pp 131-156)

             -     Classification and Description

             -      Life Cycle – Genetics – Age Grown

             -      Reproduction and Spawning

             -      Habitat Preference and Feeding

             -      Mortality Factors

  III.      Habitat Protection and Enhancement for a World Class Trout
             Fishery (pp 157-180)

             -      Freshwater Inflows, the Life Blood of Our Coastal Habitats

             -      Wetland Habitats

             -      Seagrass Habitats

  IV.      Conservation Management Towards a World Class Trout Fishery
(pp 181-218)

             -      Lessons Learned and Opportunities 
                    Gained from the Bass Fishing Industry

             -      Fishing Pressure

             -      Catch and Release – Not Hot Grease

             -      Changing the Rules of the Game

V.        Stewardship (pp 219-249)

             -      Trout Regulations, Not So Old a History

             -      Support Texas Parks and Wildlife Department

             -      From GCCA to CCA Texas

             -      Last Cast

References (pp 250-255)

Index (pp 256-264)

About the Author (p 265)