Topwater Publishing Company Readers' Comments

"World Class Texas Trout Tomorrow…
With Best of the Best Fishers"

by L. Scott Murray

Topwater Publishing Company
A book on Texas Trout
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Mike McBride (Professional Fishing Guide) “Scott Murray put something together that’s the real deal…plus it’s a totally Texas thing. He knows his stuff too, and besides fishing hard for 50 years, has quite a professional resume. The anglers’ stories, many of the best on the coast, are great, but the technical data is also excellent and a great read.”

 Jay Watkins (Professional Fishing Guide) “Just ordered both Jay and Ryan copies of your book. Thanks for allowing me to be a part of your publication.”

David Sikes (Outdoor Writer, Corpus Christi Caller-Times) “In all, we hear from 34 anglers, including two women. It’s easy to get caught up in the stories told by the likes of Ernie Butler (who once commercially caught a trout estimated at 17 pounds), Cliff Webb, Jay Watkins, David Rowsey and the always colorful Mike McBride of Port Mansfield.”

Dr. David McKee(Professor, Marine Biology, TAMU) “As a professor of marine biology, author [“Fishes of the Texas Laguna Madre”], life-long angler and ‘lagunatic’, I am often asked to review fishing books that are being considered for publication. However, I rarely plug them unless they are rock solid and coming from the right perspective. In my opinion too many fishing books are in the ‘how to catch ‘em’ category. Not this one…Murray is an expert big trout angler himself but stays away from that and looks solely at the fishery from the perspective that if managed properly, we can have more fish like the ones pictured in the book. This book is a “must have” on the bookshelf of anyone that wants to see how it used to be and how it still could be!”

Dr. Ray Frisbie (Professor, TAMU) “You did an excellent job of hitting high priority topics that are fundamentally relevant, not only to the trout resource, but to the entire coastal salt water fishery.”

Albert Rathmell (University of Texas Marine Science Institute Board Member) “As a 20+ year avid angler on the coast and a board member of the University of Texas Marine Science Institute, I have to give you much praise on your book. Everything is on point, particularly our most precious prize, the ‘Grander Trophy Trout’…”

Dan Hassebrock(Custom Home Builder & Fisherman) “I have just finished reading ‘World Class Texas Trout Tomorrow…’ and thought it was excellent in explaining the past, today, and future of our trout fishing! Like all books, men enjoy real stories and pictures; and it has plenty! I bought five more books to give to my fishing buddies, and will buy more for birthday and Christmas gifts.”

Joe Moore (Engineer, Rancher & Fisherman) “I bought the book early on, read it cover to cover, found it well written, interesting, and educational and have gone back and re-read many sections. In my opinion, it is well worth the cost just to read the ‘shorts’ by so many expert and successful fishermen. And, we would be well advised to pay heed to what Scott writes about the conservation principles he sets forth to preserve and enhance our fishery. Great job Scott!”

John Sutton(Contractor & Fisherman) “Not only is it very informative, it is also very entertaining. If you enjoy fishing for trout, whether novice or seasoned veteran, this is the book for you.

“Half the book is full of photos of huge trout and personal accounts from each fisherman regarding the how, when, and where of their catch. I like the mix of both recreational fishermen and guides from different bay systems on the Texas coast. There are literally hundreds of years of experience to learn from.

“The rest of the book is full of great information on such subjects as age and growth rates, habitat preference and preservation, feeding habits, and even a history of trout regulations in Texas.

“You want to be a great trout fisherman? Read this book! It will not only inform you, it will also give you great motivation to sharpen your hooks and go fishing.”

Cody Bates(Plastics Business owner & Fisherman) “Scott did a wonderful job writing this book and getting a really diverse bunch of stories about big fish. The stories are interesting and I also like the part about him allowing everyone who contributed to give their 2 cents about the state of the fishery and what they think can be done to make it better.

“I think that anyone who wants to know what it takes to catch a 30” trout and understand what it really takes to get it done should read this book. I think it is one of the best books put out about us in Texas, possibly ever. Enjoy the read - I did, with a smile on my face most of the time.”

Charles Brown (Real Estate Broker & Fisherman) “Thirty four top Texas trout fishermen tell their stories of when, where, how and what equipment they used to catch the biggest speckled trout of their lives. These tales alone are worth the price of the book but there are also biological facts about trout and what we can do to insure there will always be ‘trophy trout’ along the Texas coast.”

Wes Collier(Oil & Gas Pipe Supply Company & Fisherman) “I picked up a copy for myself and copies for my father and father-in-law for Father’s Day. I really enjoyed the book also. For those that haven’t read it, the big fish stories remind me of the “Big Rack” hunting books that John Stein has done. I knew that I would like the big fish stories but what surprised me the most was how easy of a read all the ‘scientific’ chapters are. They’re written in a way that make for an easy, informative read. I highly recommend the book for anyone that is into the outdoors. It would make good reading getting ready for trophy trout season. And I know from experience, they make great gifts.”

Shalor Craig(M.D. & Fisherman) “I really enjoyed this book. It makes you think long and hard about where we are headed…there are still a ton of trout in the ULM/Baffin/Land Cut region, but the numbers of big fish are nothing like what many of the stories in this book describe. Cliff Webb documented 80 trout 30” or greater in ‘96 (that is incredible). Cliff is one heck of a fisherman and guide. I sure miss going with him and hearing his stories since he retired. We all need to take a serious look at what we can do to give back to this fishery, not just keep taking large ice chests full of dead trout.”

David Bjork(Helicopter Mechanic & Fisherman) “I think every fisherman out there that loves trout can stand to read this book. Whether you agree or not on some of the statistics, the stories of where and how these experts caught, is almost priceless. I think many fishermen that are coming into the sport are getting geared to C&R and keeping what they only need, but these beautiful fish can always use more help. This book can really make one understand the importance of preserving the species…”

Guy Hutchinson(Retired Businessman & Fisherman) “I have read every book and watched all related videos on the subject that I could get my hands on, and the pursuit of trout has been my main hobby since 1981. Although I do not know Scott personally, I have fished with six of the interviewed trout fishermen in this book. I read this book twice and it was definitely worth the money. I can honestly say that it is the best Texas trout fishery book that I have ever read.”

Ron Ryon(Engineer, Financial Analyst & Fisherman) “Anyone who does much fishing and cares about the future health of our fishery should read this book. It is one of those books that is not only easy and fun to read but also educates and informs. I bought my copy early on and have read it several times now.”

Neil Wilkins(PGA & Fisherman) “I just got the book last week. It chronicles 30 plus stories of some of the biggest trout ever caught on our coast. Most importantly is the scientific research done on our Texas trout. There are some interesting opinions and common themes from some of the best big trout fishermen of our time. I found the book is a great read and difficult to put down.”

Robert Morris(Fisherman) “As Dad always says, ‘pictures last a lifetime son, and besides, those big fish aren’t any good to eat.’ Couldn’t agree with him more. Long story short – love your book and love your message. Much thanks!!!”

Larry Stonecipher(Fisherman) “Just wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed reading your book and believe you are spot on about establishing and maintaining good stewardship of our bay habitats and the fish that live there.”

Liz Hewitt(Fisherperson) “I just finished reading this book over Thanksgiving and I totally recommend it to anyone that fishes for speckled trout. The author not only has extensive knowledge about trout and shares it in this book (along with quite a few accomplished fisherpersons), but he also talks about the importance of conservation and protecting the sea grasses in our bay systems. This would make a great gift for anyone.”